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Est. 2014

Made by Mesi, With Love.

Mesi’s Kitchen, is an Ethiopian Restaurant run by a passionate woman named Mesi who learned how to make her flavourful, mouthwatering dishes by watching her own mother cook in her native home of Ethiopia.

Her motto is to commit to do the impossible right away. Miracles take a little bit longer!

Mesi's Combo

A dazzling combination of

non-vegetarian (beef and lamb) and vegetarian dishes selected by our main Chef arranged on a bed of injera.

2 people


Meat Combo

A variety of beef, lamb and chicken dishes arranged on our large tray with rolls of injera.

2 people


Vegan & Vegetarian Variety

A combination of vegetarian/vegan dishes selected by our main chef arranged on our large tray with rolls of injera.

Two People


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A delightful
experience of flavours

The cuisine consists of an array of vegetarian and vegan food along with our traditional meat options.


All dishes are served on enormous trays lined with injera – a large sourdough flatbread made out of fermented flour - accompanied by flavourful stews and can include lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables and various legumes, such as beans and lentils. We also offer Teff injera, made of an ancient grain dating back to 4000 BC, which is gluten free.

To compliment the delicious flavours, we offer beer, traditional coffee, and honey wine all directly from Ethiopia. 


"Fabulous food and great atmosphere...the service was top notch as well. Went two nights in a row with family & friend (first time to test Ethiopian food) and both times were a wonderful experience with delicious food! The best Ethiopian restaurant around"

A tiny cosy warm restaurant with outstanding food. Mesi is such a warm friendly person who runs this divine Ethiopian restaurant. We tried the non veg and veg platter and both were fantastic. Each item on the platter was full of flavour, quantities were generous. A family of four can easy share a single platter. The injera, lentils, meat, chicken, beans all cooked to perfection. Don’t be put off by the humble looking picture of the restaurant on the Internet. You will not be disappointed at this lovely place.

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